• It is always hard to transition back into routine after a break, but I feel like we have all settled in after February break. Recently we have switched gears in a lot of classes and started implementing/working with more culture aspect of Spanish. I have been plesently surprised at the level of interest and desire to learn more about other cultures, coutries and people from our students. It is fantastic to see. 


    3rd Grade: we recently spent some time reviewing common vocabulary and topics that we had gone over and this week focused on creating a short comic strip. I provided students with a model of my own and reminded them to keep things simple and use their background knowledge, but as they got excited I was able to help them translate a few odd phrases and words. It is always fun to hear what they are interested in saying in Spanish. Next week we plan on delving into weather and seasons more and doing some comparison with what weather is like in different parts of the world at different times. So we will not only be using some of the langauge aspects of weather, but plan on looking at how geography and location affect how our weather is. 

    3rd grade comic student example


    4th Grade: we recently watched a documentary on the Patagonia (Southern Chile and Argentina) that displayed a lot of what it is like in the high country of the Andes mountains in Southern South America. Many students were fascinated by the rugged landscape and the huge mountains and glaciers that they learned about. We have now started a compare and contrast activity where they will be comparing "The Patagonia" w/ Duxbury or New England and seeing what similarities and differences each place has. I was able to take them on some touring with google maps and they loved being able to see the streets, look at the landscape and discuss how things are where we visited. Next week we will complete our rough draft phrases and begin to put together a group poster that will use images and phrases/words in Spanish to compare the 2 areas of the world. I will add pictures as we work.


    5th Grade: has been working very hard to wrap up their individual country research projects. I have been very happy with their hard work and focus on learning about the different Spanish speaking countries. They each were either able to choose a country or were assigned one and we have spent a few class periods researching and putting together our posters. This week was our last work week and we will be displaying them in the hall starting next week. Many of them were suprised at some of the foods, famous people, products and size of different countries. I felt they did an excellent job sharing information with classmates, working through technological issues and utilizing their in class time efficiently.

    work day 5th grade country infographics


    Thank you so much for all that you do for your students, I enjoy every minute I get to spend with them even though it is usually short, but very sweet.


    If you can find any, or if it occurs to you I am running low on hand sanitizer as everyone is working to keep germs away. I have looked around town/neighboring towns with little luck, so if you think of it or find some I would love to have a little bit more to help us fight cold/flu/spread of germs/etc.