This is the last week for the annual DMS Food Drive, sponsored by RAP, to benefit the Plymouth Area Food Pantry, which services Duxbury as part of it's territory.  Anything you can donate will help take care of a family who may be wondering where their next meal will come from.  All donations should be non-perishable, and brought to your child's iLab by this Friday, December 15th.  Suggestions for donations are canned goods, pasta, sauce, condiments (especially Peanut Butter!), snacks (crackers, etc.), juice, etc.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Stephanie Madden or Caitlan Sheehan.  Thanks for your support!
    The DMS school hours are from 7:45am to 3:15pm. students should be in their first block by 8:15 and the class begins at 8:20, after 8:20 students will be marked tardy. Last block ends at 2:42.
    If you have a Verizon or an AOL account for email, please check your spam or junk folders for emails from Duxbury.  



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