New Year in Cusco Peru

Working through the new year

  • Greetings families! I apologize for the late update as I myself have slowly gotten back into the swing of things in 2020. But, with that said I am excited about the things happening in Spanish Class. 


    3rd grade: has been diligently practicing numbers and now is transitioning into telling time. We have been focused on number identification, number recognition and number production and are now starting to work those into time telling. It is a slow process only seeing students 1x per week and having to relearn/review things, but I am happy with all their hard work. Some, students have asked take home some reference sheets that help remind them of the process, so don't be shy to jump in and ask them about ¿qué hora es? and practice some numbers with them. For those of you that took Spanish it could be a fun and challenging way to revisit your Spanish language days!


    4th grade: has increased their adjective list to include vocabulary that describes situations and people. We mostly have spent our time describing people, but with some of our new adjectives we have been focused on being able to describes other activities, classes, etc. It will provide us a good foundation for the short story we plan on writing to describe our life here at Alden. I envision it being a way for students to share information about the classes they have in Spanish with a sentence or two and an illustration ALL IN SPANISH. It will obviously include some additional vocab we haven't focused on, but in all it will mostly be a product of student creation from vocabulary to drawing.


    5th grade: has been working on verbs, verb usage and like statements with verbs. The beginning of the new year we took time to review through "me gusta" statements where students were able to describe different activities they like and dislike. It was a good review to help them not only remember how to use gustar statements, but focus on the verbs we have been using in class. They have then taken the verbs and begun applying them in present tense yo form or "I" statements, which is a huge step for students to apply sentences using a variety of verbs. The next couple weeks we are taking a break from language to do some country research. Students will select/negotiate for a Spanish Speaking Country, do a little bit of research and create a visual where classmates can learn about the various countries around the world that speak Spanish. 


    It has been a great start to the new year and I am excited about all the work your students have been doing in class.


    Best Wishes,