• Greetings Alden Families - 


    I appreciate everyone that took the time to share some information bu filling out the survey. I feel like the year has flown by and we are already into December, but as I get older the years seem to go by faster with each passing minute. We have made some great progress and I am very proud of how our Spanish is progressing. I am challenging myself after Christmas to be more deliberate about infusing culture by exposing the students to some authentic resources that can help them connect with different countries that speak Spanish.


    3rd Grade update: We started this week to put some sentences together and I hope to send a writing about themselves and their family members before break with sentences using adjectives and age.

    4th Grade update: The 4th graders have hit descriptive adjectives really hard and are able to apply and recall a lot without assistance...some still need it and certain vocabulary terms are harder to remember than others, but they have done a great job describing people. I will be leading them through an "Así soy yo" activity this week so you will be able to see some of the things that they are able to produce in the language. 

    5th Grade update: The last 2 classes we have practiced action verbs, some that I have given them and some they came up with. We are working at putting them together with "me gusta/le gusta" statements to describe what people like to do.



    Last week of school some high schoolers have been invited to come in a share about holiday celebrations around the world in which Spanish Speakers partake. Not all classes were able to get scheduled due to conflict, but I'm working my best to get as many students some exposure as possible and time to see the high schoolers in action. Have a great December and holiday season.