Feliz Noviembre

  • Wow, Halloween day and post Halloween day are past and we all survived. It was a great opportunity to share a little bit of culture with your students regarding "Día de los Muertos" and how it relates to our content and culture. I had a lot of fun seeing what the students were able to discuss, identify (in Spanish) and share about what we worked on. It was even more fun to see so many dressed up and around town Thursday...I feel like I got to know students and some of you parents just out walking with my kids around town. It was great! I have included a link to a google form that is just a few questions about your student and Spanish Class. If you would be so kind to fill that out I would greatly appreciate it.


    This week we are reinforcing numbers in 3rd grade after reviewing feelings w/ the question ¿cómo estás?


    This week in 4th we are working to reinforce feelings, but really focusing on the descriptive adjectives and being able to describe ourselves and others - ¿cómo eres? and ¿cómo es ___? are the quesitons we will be focusing on


    This week in 5th grade we will review all of the above, but I will introduce the phrase "me gusta..." w/ activities. So, I will share things that I like to do and allow students to begin to form sentences about what things they like and we will create a short list of verbs tailored to each classes preferences.


    Thank you so much for all you do at home and I am having a great year with your children! If you can fill out the forms bulletin I would greatly appreciate it. It gives me a chance to get a little feedback from you and allows you a way to share some things if you are able to.



    Click here to fill out the questionnaire