• Mountain Bike Club

    Advisor: Mr. Sylvester

    email: nsylvester@duxbury.k12.ma.us

    Meetings: Monthly in room B225


    *This is a provisional club as of the 2019-2020 school year

    Name of Club: Duxbury Mountain Biking Club


    Purpose or Mission statement: The purpose of this club would be to bring together people who share the same passion of mountain biking, regardless of whether you ride trails or jumps. We want to create a community through highschool and potentially even fundraise for club trips to bike parks. The club is open to anyone from a beginner to a pro, and we encourage new faces. 


    Students who will be the leaders of the club: Brodie Sparrow & Cameron Bishop


    Advisor to the club: Nathan Sylvester


    Frequency, place and time of meetings: Monthly in school meeting in Mr. Sylvester's room B225 discussing the future of the clubs activities. We will also meet to watch film and discuss trends of mountain biking. 


    Outline of club events: Hosting a web page of getting club public. September 2020 landmine race (Mountain bike race). 

    Plan for building membership: We currently have 10 people who frequently ride and would want to be an active members. However we plan to build a social media platform which advertises our club and to spread the word to others who share a love of the outdoors.