Seguimos trabajando and a fall image of The Patagonia in South America

  • Such a great week since our last update. We are continuing to work with the language and starting to become more and more comfortable with class room routines. 


    I am finally feeling more confident with the names of all 600+ students and each of their personalities, which continues to be one of my biggest hurdles, but I'm getting there. 

    Even though it seems that we progress slowly remember I only get 40 minutes a week with your amazing children and I am SUPER HAPPY with how hard they are working and what they are able to do. Brain research from ACTFL shows that even a student that meets each day is only getting approximately 96 hours a year or 550+ hours after 6 years of study in the same language. I am having fun and your students are learning some Spanish and culture in less than an hour a week, so cudos to them


    3rd grade started working more with numbers while still focusing on how we feel and answering the question ¿cómo estás? 


    4th grade is more fluetly working on feelings and ¿cómo estás? as well as introduction to adjectives to describe people and themselves...these are simple statements of physical description and personality traits.


    5th grade has finished their artistic representation of themselves with the descriptive adjectives that describe them best and I hope to share some of the images of them next week. This week we have started taking a pretest activity that will help us understand how much growth the 5th graders make from now until May/June. The students were a little anxious about it, but they did their best and we played a fun game to ease the tension afterwards.



    Tell your students to keep up the GREAT WORK I AM SO LUCKY TO SEE THEM!


Fall in The Patagonia Chile/Argentina