Moving into October

  • So, it is the first of October and I feel like my time has flown by. Our class time in Spanish is so short with only 1 40 period, but I feel like we are accomplishing TONS! I am so proud of these students and their work thus far. 


    In 3rd Grade: We are focusing our work on answering the question ¿cómo estás? with a variety of  vocabulary options as well as some colors


    In 4th Grade: We continue to recycle/use common questions like the day, date, name and the question  ¿cómo estás? and add context to it. For example, this past week we have been working to use statements of our feelings on certain days of the week. I.E. Los viernes estoy emocionado or Los lunes estoy cansado...


    In 5th Grade: We are starting to use/identify/apply physical descriptions. Students were introduced to some adjectives through the story we read about me "¿Quién es Profe?" and have started to describe themselves with descriptive adjectives through cutouts. 


Day of the Dead