• Star of the Week


    Students are excited about getting a turn to be Star of the Week as well as hearing their friends share about themselves!  If your child comes home with a Star of the Week poster on a Friday, he or she is expected to:


    1. Return the completed poster the following Friday to share with the class.  Please have fun with this project! 


    1. Fill the Me Box with 3 items to "Show & Tell" to the group. These items can be anything that reflects your child's interests, talents, etc. (i.e. sports items, toy, book).  The Me Box can be sent to school anytime during their chosen week.


    1. A family member is invited to join us on the day the poster is due (Friday following the day the poster comes home/Friday of your child's chosen week) at 2:40 p.m. to read your child's favorite book to the class

      If this time does not work for your schedule, please email me once your child arrives home with the poster and we will try and come up with an alternative time :)


    Thank you for your cooperation!