Creating notebooks "libritos"

  • The housekeeping of creating our "libritos" 


    This week we have started to create what I am calling "libritos" or "little books" that we plan on using to track work, keep notes/vocabulary, add student created content and generally have a single storage place for our work. It is unfortunately time consuming at the start, but it then becomes an AWESOME resource to access throughout the year. It also helps encourage organizational skills and for students like I was allows them to keep things in one spot...because I ALWAYS lost the things I needed to keep.


    Here is a look at 1 5th grade groups stack:

    notebooks "libritos"


    I have had a great start to the year and I am enjoying your students so much. I am super excited for the direction we are going together and will continue to update you as the year progresses. I have set a goal to create and share an ALDEN SPANISH TWITTER to allow for more sharing of the work and activities we are doing in class.


    Thank you all for what you do as parents and keep up the good work.


     - PROFE