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    February News

    Upcoming Events

    We are almost 100 days smarter!  Our 100th day of school will be on Friday, February 7th and we have fun activities planned to celebrate!  Students are invited to dress up like they are 100 years old!  Feel free to get creative with glasses, hair, outfits, etc. to give us all a laugh.  We will also be decorating a "100 days smarter" posters at school.  Please refer to the notice sent home last week and send in 100 small items that may be glued for this project (i.e. cereal, pennies, cotton balls, candy, buttons) no later than Thursday, February 8th.  Please count out these items ahead of time with your child-it is great practice!  Thank you!

    Valentine's day is almost here!  We will be having a Valentine celebration with students only including a Valentine exchange and crafts. You may want to send in a special snack on that day. We have 22 students in our class and a list of student names will be sent home this week.  If you would like to have your child address each Valentine, great!  If this is too much for your child and they are only able to sign his or her own name on the cards, that is OK!  We want this activity to be fun for all!  Candy or food items of any kind 


    Literacy:  This month, we will continue to work on decoding/finger tapping CVC works and practicing our lower and uppercase letter formation.  We are excited to begin our Letter Books.  As illustrators and authors, we will be drawing items and writing words that begin with each letter.  During reading time, students are learning the difference between fiction and nonfiction texts, as well as how to "wonder" while they read.  Pausing to ask questions and to check for understanding as we read are important reading comprehension strategies.  Try this at home and encourage wondering!

    Math:  We have begun learning about subtraction using our EnVision program.  Students have been practicing how to "take apart", "take away" and even represent subtraction using equations!  Next, we will move on to finding patterns and choosing tools to help solve subtraction word problems.

    Social Studies:  Our class is able to generate many ways that we can be kind to one another in the classroom, as well as our community.  We certainly have a special class and will continue to work on expressing our feelings, problem solving and working together while being kind all year long.  Students have been very enthusiastic about exploring maps over the past week or so!  Using the book, Me On the Map to initiate our discussions, we are learning how we as individuals fit in our community, our country and our world!  Students have also been busy in our classroom "Post Office", learing how to write letters with a purpose, sort mail alphabetically and role-play the sequence needed to mail a letter.  We have been practicing how to state our address and then finding our homes on Google Earth.  Try it at home!

    Science:  Students have been acting as engineers as they come up with creative plans for building structures and problem solving as a group.  We have also been learning about animals who live in the arctic and how they adapt to their habitat.   Next, we will learn the importance of "observation" in science and how to use our senses to recognize changes in the state of matter.

    Dates to Remember

    Monday, February 3rd:  Early Dismissal, Professional Development 

    Thursday, Febrary 6th:  100 items due for in-class project

    Friday, February 7th: 100th DAY OF SCHOOL!  Dress like you are 100 years old!...AND GREEN Assembly Day; learning about Expected Behavior; wear green if you would like!

    Friday, February 14th:  Valentine's Day, bring 22 Valentine's for our exchange

    Monday, February 17th-Friday, February 21st:  SCHOOL VACATION

    Classroom Supplies

    'Tis the season of sickness and germs and we are getting low on the following supplies:

    Paper towels

    Hand Soap

    Lysol wipes


    Any donations would be greatly appreciated and thank you so much to those who have already donated!