• For Students:

    Q: What happens if I forget my Chromebook or forget to charge my Chromebook?

    A: It is considered "not prepared for class." If you need a Chromebook for a test, you can appeal to your building's adminstration for a loaner.

    For Parents:

    Q: Does my child need to bring the Chromebook to school everyday?

    A: It is the expectation that all 7th through 12th grade students charge their computer at night while they are sleeping for use during the academic day.

    Q: Is insurance mandatory?

    A: No, it's voluntary.

    Q: Why did the district switch to Chromebooks?

    A: During an evaluation process, students were found primarily using Internet-based resources and tools, with the exception of a few pieces of software, namely iMovie.

    Q: How can my child identify their Chromebook from a classmate's Chromebook?

    A: Each Chromebook will have to an asset tag on it. That said, Chromebooks must remain free from any other self-imposed indentifying marks, writing, or decals.

    Q: Doesn't a Chromebook require Internet access to work?

    A: No. Some content can be cached locally and work offline, however, an Internet connection is highly recommended.

    Q: Does the Chromebook filter content?

    A: Yes. Each student Chromebook is filtering content with Securly. Securly is an extension installed on all of the student Chromebooks. The student user cannot delete or bypass the Securly extension.