• Incoming 6th Grade Course Selection Information 

    Incoming 6th Grade Course Selection

    (Video from 2021 presentation on 3/31/21)

    Important Dates:

    • Early April- an email will go out to families with student Aspen log in and password information for use during course selection process.


    • Parent/ guardians of current 5th graders are invited to attend a Virtual Information Night on Wednesday March 31, 2021 at 6pm on Zoom (link to be emailed).


    • 5th grade teachers make recommendations for student math placement by April 9, 2021. 


    • Student assembly with DMS Administration to review course selection April 9, 2021 during school.


    • Course selection window opens for 5th graders April 12-30, 2021. (students must use their student log in and password)


    Placement Review Process:

    If, after speaking to your child's math teacher, you would like to override the teacher recommendation, you must submit a Placement Review online by April 30, 2021.

    A link will be live here between April 12- April 30, 2021 for that use.   


    Important Links:

    DMS Program of Studies

    Student Portal Course Request Directions 


    FAQs about course selections for current 5th graders

    1. How many courses do I need to select?
    Your child’s course selections should equal 7 full class periods (Total credits = 7). The Duxbury Middle School Program of Studies can be found on the DMS website and will be helpful to you throughout this process. The following is a good guideline for which courses your child should register.

    As a sixth grade student, your child will take the following required courses:
    • Literacy/ Reading (601)
    • Literacy/ Writing (602)
    • Math 6 - Either 621 Math 6 or 622 Math 6
    • Science 6 (630)
    • Geography and Ancient Civilizations (610)
    • Grade 6 Visual Art & Design (697)
    • STEM 6 (786)
    • Physical Education/Health 6 (690)

    You and your child should discuss the world language and music courses that are offered and make informed decisions about the classes that will round out your child’s schedule.
    • Students must also choose ONE music: either band, orchestra, chorus, or general music.
    • Students must also choose a World Language (first choice) and an alternate language choice (second choice). The languages offered are Spanish, French, Latin, and Mandarin.

    NOTE: If your child requires Learning Center or special services as part of their IEP, you will be contacted if selected electives will not fit in their schedule. 

    2. Why do we have to pick a second choice for a language?
    As it is the custom and tradition for Duxbury Public Schools to offer the highest quality of instruction with highly qualified staff, we are faced with the simple fact that there is a shortage of highly qualified World Language teachers across the state. Therefore, in order to provide highly qualified instruction in 6th through 12th grade, and protect class sizes, we need to balance the number of students who enroll in Latin, French, Spanish, and Mandarin. The number of requests we receive for some languages do not always match our ability to provide adequate class size based upon the staff we currently have in place. In order to ensure that we meet our standards as well as state licensure mandates, we ask that you select an alternative language.

    When making this decision, please take the following into consideration:
    • The language your child chooses to take in grade 6 is the language he/she will most likely continue on with through graduation. It is very difficult and creates scheduling difficulties to switch languages midstream.
    • Your child has had the benefit of learning the basics of one language through grade 5. Continuing on in Spanish will allow your child to reach a much higher level of fluency in this language by graduation.
    • In a global economy, speaking a second language fluently and possessing the ability to converse with cultures other than one’s own will be an extremely valuable skill to have.

    Students who do not complete the on-line course selection process by April 30th may be assigned to a 6th grade World Language class. We fully understand that this may be a difficult decision and respectfully invite you to discuss your questions with Diane Mehegan, our World Language Department Chair at dmehegan@duxbury.k12.ma.us.

    3. Is it true I cannot change a course after the April 26th deadline?
    Yes. Courses are run based on numbers we receive through this selection process. We build the entire schedule and assign faculty based on this information. This is especially true in the elective areas. Therefore, we cannot honor changes after this point. Please be sure to take this into consideration when you are completing your course selection form.

    4. What if I do not agree with a course level that a teacher recommended?
    The first thing you should do is to speak to the teacher directly to gain some understanding about his/her recommendation. Often times a recommendation is made based on the current average so if a student continues to work hard he/she may have an opportunity at the end of the year to have that recommendation changed. However, if you still do not agree with the decision you can complete a Placement Review Form. The placement review is due by April 30th.

    5. What happens if I post my course selections late?
    The Course Selection Window will close at midnight of April 30 so you will not be able to select your courses on-line after that time. It is important that students and parents complete this process on-line by the deadline as choices may not be honored if late. If you do not complete the course selection process by the deadline, please email Assistant Principal, Mrs. Coyne at jcoyne@duxbury.k12.ma.us with your music, language, AND alternative language choices as soon as possible.

    6. Can I request to have a certain teacher for a course?
    Although we are unable to accommodate requests for a certain teacher, if you have had a previous direct experience (self or another child) with a teacher and would like to request not to have this teacher again, please put this request into the requests not to have a teacher form which will go to our DMS Assistant Principal, Jennalee Coyne, by MAY 15. Please note that we will do our best to accommodate this request but cannot guarantee it.