• Students are responsible for the care of the Chromebook they have been issued by the Duxbury Public Schools. The way our fleet of Chromebooks are configured, only Duxbury Public School users are allowed to use them. All student Chromebooks are also managed by our G Suite admin console, meaning we regulate the apps and extensions allowed on them.

    General Precautions

    • No food or drink should be placed next to the Chromebook.
    • Cords, cables, and removable storage must be inserted carefully.
    • Students should never carry their Chromebook while the screen is open.
    • Chromebooks should be closed when not in use to conserve battery life.
    • Chromebooks must remain free of any writing, drawing, stickers, or labels that are not installed by the Duxbury Public Schools.

    Carrying the Chromebook

    • Chromebooks should be closed when carrying from one work area to another.
    • Chromebooks should never be held solely by the screen.
    • Avoid placing sharp or abrasive objects against the Chromebook as this can scratch or otherwise damage it.

    Screen Care

    • The Chromebook screens can be damaged if subjected to rough treatment. To avoid damage, please keep the following rules in mind:
      • Do not place anything near the Chromebook that could put pressure on the screen.
      • Do not place anything between the keyboard and screen when the Chromebook is shut.
      • Clean the screen only with a soft, dry cloth (preferrably microfiber). Avoid using paper towels, napkins, or other products that could scratch the display.
      • Do not use glass cleaner or any other harsh cleaning solutions on the display.
      • Do not spray water or any other liquid onto the display (or any other surface of the Chromebook).

    Using the Chromebook at School

    • Chromebooks are intended to be used at school every day. Students will utilize their Chromebooks only when instructed by the teacher.
    • Students are responsible for properly charging their Chromebook. This means it is fully charged the night before class while they are sleeping so it can be utilized for a full academic day of classes.
    • Inappropriate photos may not be used as wallpaper on student Chromebooks. Presence of inappropriate photos will result in disciplinary action.

    Managing Files and Saving Work

    • Students will use Google Drive to save their work. Each teacher will instruct their class on submitting work.

    Protecting and Storing the Chromebook

    • Chromebooks will be labeled via an asset tag.
    • Under no circumstances are students to modify, remove, or destroy asset tag indentifcation labels.
    • Chromebooks should be stored properly at lunch, gym, and music.

    Technical Support

    • If any technical issues or physical damage arises, students may ask a teacher's permission to visit the student help desk for technical support

    Loss, Damage, and Theft

    • Accidental Damage
      • Damage that hinders or prevents the use of the Chromebook for academic purposes shall be repaired and replaced by the district. A fine will be issued for the cost of the repair or replacement consistent with the Duxbury Public Schools policy.
      • Cosmetic damage that does not hinder or prevent the use of the Chromebook is still the responsibility of the student.
    • Damage due to intentional misuse or neglect
      • Damage caused by intentional misuse or neglect will be subject to disciplinary actions up to a disciplinary hearing.
    • Loss and theft
      • Chromebooks that are lost or stolen will be replaced by the school district