• DPS Student Chromebooks


    Duxbury Public Schools is now using Chromebooks. The district has been using Google's G Suite for Education since the spring of 2011 when it was known as "Google Docs." It quickly became the tool students and teachers use to create and collaborate. When the district began assessing what the next student device would be, we found that most of what students were doing was web-based and could be done on a Chromebook.  In 2018, the district reviewed a variety of Chromebook models made by Acer, Asus, Dell, HP, and Lenovo. Based on price, performance, and ruggedness, we decided to deploy the HP Chromebook G7 EE to students starting in the fall of 2019.

    Photo of the HP Chromebook G7 EE students will receive

    The HP Chromebook G7 EE is a lightweight notebook computer weighing 2.7 pounds. It features the same size 11.6-inch LCD display students were used to with the MacBook Air. The hinge on the HP Chromebook opens 180° allowing the screen to lay completely flat on a table. It charges with a USB Type-C charger.