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    Dear Students, Faculty, and Families,

    This year, the district is continuing the alternative school day proposal which provides credit for up to three days of school (canceled for weather) to be made up through the completion of "Blizzard Bag" assignments. Each school in the district has created its Blizzard Bag assignments in a manner that makes the most sense for the school and students. As a result, there are subtle differences among schools that will be important to understand if students have siblings in other schools.   

    Here are answers to FAQ's about the DPS Blizzard Bags program:

    • This program will potentially allow students to make up three canceled days of school in June by completing Blizzard Bag assignments. 

    • The Superintendent will announce that school has been canceled and that students should complete the Blizzard Bag Day One, Two or Three assignment.  

    • The assignments will support but not directly connect to topics students are studying in their classes. (This is because, per state regulations, assignments cannot resemble homework.)

    Here’s how it will work at DHS:

    • When the Superintendent announces a Blizzard Bag Day, I will publish the assignment in Schoology with a due date two weeks from the canceled day of school.

    • A menu of twelve different assignments have been created for all DHS students. For each Blizzard Bag day, students will be responsible for completing two of the twelve assignments. (These assignments will be labed Blizzard Bag Day 1 - Part 1 and Blizzard Bag Day 2 - Part 2)  Over the course of the winter, students may complete up to six different assignments. No assignment may be submitted multiple times. It’s important that students choose assignments that are meaningful and interesting.

    • Students’ work will be assessed by a DHS teacher, counselor, or administrator. Students will receive feedback on their submission soon after the due date. Please note that the staff member who views and assesses students’ work may ask a student to revise and resubmit the assignment with corrections. It is each student’s responsibility to check Schoology to see if revisions are required.

    • Each student will be asked to join their Blizzard Bag Course using the Schoology code sent to them on November 18, 2019.

    • Additionally, paper copies of the assignments are available in the DHS main office for any student who wishes to pick up a paper copy.  

    • DHS staff members will soon be reaching out to introduce themselves to the students whose work they are responsible for assessing.  You should feel free to respond to that staff member with any questions.

    • If a student fails to submit an assignment, or fails to re-submit their work with corrections, they will be marked absent-unexcused for the school day.  Please be mindful of our credit loss expectations and the potential ramifications of too many unexcused absences.

    Course Access: 

     Please join the course(s) using the course codes below.  

    Grade 9: 4953-BVCG-7ZP5S

    Grade 10: 8WG2-QHH6-3G5NK

    Grade 11: PKBW-XKRK-MM3VK

    Grade 12: FNTC-PSG8-99KNX

    Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have, 


    Mr. Donovan