• April Vacation

    Posted by Dawnmarie Hastings-Ely on 4/12/2019 4:55:00 PM

    Unwinding after a busy week.

    At the piano

    Bit of a rainy morning, so Tuukka is hanging out with his friends from the Hundred Acre Wood.

    He may try to see the Bruins (hopefully victorious) later.   

    Pooh Pals

    Tuukka and Tuukka - Go Bruins!

    2  0 T and T

    Busy day - Tuukka hung out while I did a little yard work, took a little nap with Gabby, and went to a birthday party down the Cape.  

    Yard work napping Birthday Party

    Patriot's Day was very busy and the camera did not make it out - sorry!  Tuukka was out and about.  

    Today (Tuesday - 4/16/19)

    Tuukka ate out with us at a diner, called The Tremont Mill Pond.

    At the diner Seated

    Off to the bog for a late afternoon walk.

    On a rock

    Getting ready to dive in...

    Diving in

    Hanging with the dogs before we head back.

    On the trailer

    We'll watch the game tomorrow night and we are hoping for a win!  Go Bruins!

    Tuukka out at Pub 99 to watch game 4.  Enjoyed the game, and the food.  

    Pub 99 Just about done





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  • Mason's Mission with Tuukka in Our Nation's Capital

    Posted by Dawnmarie Hastings-Ely on 4/12/2019 11:50:00 AM

    Mason and Tuukka in Washington D.C. - Our Nation's Capital - (more text to come)

    On a plane


    Korean War Memorial

    MLK and Cherry Blossoms

    Pennsylvania Avenue White House



    There they are

    More at Arlington NC

    Arlington National Cemetary

    Lincoln Memorial

    Cherry Blossoms



    Hanging Out

    Washington National Monument

    Long View

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  • Simply Splendid Sightseeing with Sophie and Tuukka

    Posted by Dawnmarie Hastings-Ely on 4/7/2019 6:30:00 AM

    Tuukka and Sophie in Stowe at Sophie's other house.  Tuukka liked the view because the sunset was really pretty.  

    Hanging on the deck

    Sophie and Tuukka sharing bread at Panera.

    Out to eat

    Sophie, Tuukka, and Calvin in the car heading back from Stowe.  Calvin was extra friendly with Tuukka.  

    Sophie, Calvin and Tuukka

    Sophie and Tuukka shared a Shirley Temple at The Bench in Stowe - delicious!

    Eating out again

    Sophie and her family enjoyed spending the weekend with Tuukka!

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  • Bounding and Beaming with Bella

    Posted by Dawnmarie Hastings-Ely on 3/27/2019 11:50:00 AM

    Tuukka met one of Bella's best friends and her name is Helen.  They were on a ski trip up north.  

    Tuukka on top

     Tuukka met one of Bella's bunnies, named Roby.  Tuukka really liked Roby and Roby was Tuukka's favorite bunny.  

    Tuukka with Bunny

     Tuukka got ready for bed in his paper fort, made by Bella and Helen.  

    Tucked in

    Tuukka had a great time with Bella's family and friends.  

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  • Stella's Sunny, Superb Sightseeing with Tuukka

    Posted by Dawnmarie Hastings-Ely on 3/20/2019 11:30:00 AM

    At the movies with Stella and Ellie.  

    At the movies.

    Tuukka finally got to meet Stella's brothers.  

    The crew.

    Getting ready for a walk on St. Patrick's Day.

    Getting ready to walk

    A chilly walk.

    A fun time out with Stella's family on St. Patrick's Day.  

    Out to eat.

    Tuukka got to go to the Birch St. playground with Stella.  


    Tuukka had a blast with Stella and her family.  

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  • Tukkaa's Jolly, Joyful, Jaunts with Jack

    Posted by Dawnmarie Hastings-Ely on 3/12/2019 6:05:00 PM

    Tuukka out with Jack's family at Speedwell Pub, in Plymouth (America's Hometown).  

    At Speedwell

    French fry for lunch - yummy!


    Tuukka, as a special guest, at Jack's hockey game.  

    At the game

    Tuukka at Plymouth Rock.  

    Plymouth Rock

    Tuukka helped Jack pick out baseball cleats, and Tuukka even got to try some on.  


    Playing street hockey...

    Street Hockey

    Tuukka playing in the snow.  

    In the snow

    Tuukka got to hang out with Jack's cats.  

    Tuukka and friend Stepping out

    Tuukka had a great time with Jack and his family.  

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  • Kindly Kaia and her Keen visit with Tuukka

    Posted by Dawnmarie Hastings-Ely on 3/10/2019 5:30:00 PM

    Tuukka had a busy time with Kaia.  Tuukka helped Kaia practice piano.  Kaia’s family and Tuukka went to a restaurant.

    Kaia and Family

    Soon it was time to go to bed.

    Ready for Bed

    The next day,Tuukka and Kaia experimented for the science fair.

    Getting Ready for the Science Fair

    The last day they had fun in the snow!!!!

    Fun in the snow

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  • Fabulous February Vacation with Mr. E.

    Posted by Dawnmarie Hastings-Ely on 2/25/2019 8:30:00 AM

    Tuukka thoroughly enjoyed his travels with Mr. E. and his family.  Tuukka made quite a splash on other social media platforms including Instagram and Facebook.  Over time, some of Tuukka's appearances on other platforms may be updated on this posting.  Check in to see...

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  • Happy Happenings with Hudson

    Posted by Dawnmarie Hastings-Ely on 2/8/2019 11:30:00 AM

    Tuukka, Hudson, and a new pal went to Alley Cat Lane after school and had some fun bowling.  


    We finally get to meet Hudson's chickens and Tuukka seemed to like them.  

    With the chickens Tuukka escaped


    At the big game, Tuukka was a good luck charm!

    At the game

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  • Amusing Antics with Avy

    Posted by Dawnmarie Hastings-Ely on 1/30/2019 12:05:00 PM

    Avy's dog, Finn, liked Tuukka and he wasn't too feisty.  

    Finn and Tuukka Finn and Avy

    Tuukka attended a Mary Poppins birthday party at Mix it Up Kitchen with Avy and friends!

    Mary Poppins

    Then he ate the blueberry lemon scones Avy made!

    Tuukka and Scone

    It’s been a long weekend! Tuukka fell fast asleep in his own bed to get ready for school tomorrow!

    Off to bed




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  • Anna's Antics with Tuukka

    Posted by Dawnmarie Hastings-Ely on 10/29/2018 11:20:00 AM

    “Anna got off the bus and introduced Tuukka to her hamsters, Hammy Ham and July. He was very scared at first, but then the hamsters were nice to him and he liked them”Anna with friends old and new












    “Tuukka wasn’t really loving the rain so he popped out his handy dandy umbrella and he stayed dry!”


    Staying dry


    “Tuukka and Anna carved pumpkins, Happy Halloween!!

    “Anna tired Tuukka out on his fun weekend and he slept in his sleeping bag every night!”


    Fun with pumpkins Off to sleep

    Fun with friends!

    Treats with friends

    We hope Tuukka had a great weekend at our house, we certainly enjoyed having him :)

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  • Moving and Grooving with Mason

    Posted by Dawnmarie Hastings-Ely on 10/22/2018 8:10:00 AM
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  • Lindsay and Tuukka's Fall Fun...

    Posted by Dawnmarie Hastings-Ely on 10/15/2018 8:05:00 AM

    Tuukka picked the perfect pumpkin and helped decorate for Halloween.

    At the pumpkin patch

    Tuukka is sleeping late in the cozy bed Lindsay made.

    Sleeping in

    Maeve, Lindsay & Tuukka Halloween shopping—Tuukka was scared!

    Poor Tuukka

    Lindsay took Tuukka to Farfar’s and he loved the candy corn ice cream.  Lucky turtle!




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  • Tuukka and Ellie on the go...

    Posted by Dawnmarie Hastings-Ely on 10/9/2018 1:35:00 PM

    We had an amazing time with Tuukka this weekend! Here are a bunch of pics from our weekend.


    Tuukka met Ellie's puppy Maisie, a black lab that will be one year old this month. We were a little worried she might bite him, so Ellie introduced them carefully.

    Tuukka, Ellie, & Maisie

    Tuukka got to go to the beach with Ellie's cousins, Jack, David and Patrick. Ellie's brother William and big sister Ava also went. 

    On the way to the beach...

    Tuukka and Ellie traveled the world. They also got a little studying in for Passport Club!

    Traveling the world

    Tuukka went out with Ellie to a sleepover at her friend's house! She was super careful to keep him with her at all times.  Ellie made a special bed for Tuukka to sleep in at night and naptime (he had a few of them).

    We were so very happy to have him and hope he had a great time with us!

    Night away Special place to nap


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  • A weekend with Declan.

    Posted by Dawnmarie Hastings-Ely on 10/1/2018 7:30:00 AM

    The Adventures of Declan & Tuukka...


    Dear Mrs. Hastings-Ely & classmates-


    I had a great time with Declan this weekend. I was really excited to go home with him. When we left school on Friday Declan’s dad picked us up. I had never been to his house before so I was a little nervous. When I arrived I saw they had 3 dogs (Bella, Tessa, and Anya), a hamster (Poe), and a fish (Sushi). Seeing so many animals made me feel really comfortable. I hung out with Declan on Friday night and we watched Space Buddies.


    Saturday was super exciting we went to the Topsfield Fair and I met the Governor of Massachusetts, Charlie Baker. I also saw a 2,000 pound pumpkin and a 6 foot sunflower. I made a candle from bees wax, saw award winning flowers, and took a silly photo inside a sun. There were so many cool things at the fair I really enjoyed myself. It was a long ride for me and I was really comfy in my carrier.


    On Sunday I met Declan’s friend Alexander and we went to a pumpkin patch.  I really had a great time with Declan and his family  and friends and I look forward to having many great adventures throughout the school year.



    Tuukka (and Declan) 


    Tuukka & Declan  

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  • Travels With Tuukka Turtle

    Posted by Dawnmarie Hastings-Ely on 9/23/2018 3:40:00 PM

    Mrs. Hastings took Tuukka for the first weekend.  Gabby and Daisy were very intrigued when they met Tuukka.  I think that Tuukka was a little nervous...

    First Meeting


    Tuukka hung out with the big guy for a while, just to relax and find some shelter.

    Taking shelter


    Everyone got ready to head north, to Milton, to visit with relatives.  

    before the visit


    Tuukka tried to get away from the crowd and I found him hiding in the teacups, yikes!

    Hiding in the teacups


    After a long day, Tuukka got some rest with Daisy.  Tuukka definitely liked the dogs better when they were sleeping.  



    On Sunday, Tuukka sunned himself on a rock and hung out on the stonewall with a bunny friend, while the dogs were at the bog.  

    with bunny  sunning

    I think Tuukka will be very happy to get back to school and see all the great kiddos from his class.  


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