• Piano Lab I & II

    Piano Keyboard
    Piano Lab is a practice lab for students to advance their piano playing ability.  Students spend a majority of this class in private piano practice under the direct coaching of the teacher.  Other aspects of the class include transcribing or "lifting" music by ear, and the development of proper piano technique. 

    The Piano Lab class is open to all students who have completed Piano Lab I or who can play at a comparable or above. Students will begin working at their current level of performance, develop performance goals and work to reach those goals during the semester. 



    • Develop lifelong piano skills.
    • Demonstrate musicianship skills which will facilitate reading music and its transfer to the piano.
    • Demonstrate musicianship skills in the performance of selected and approved literature.

    Grading Expectations:

    Students grade will be determined by combining four factors. Points are earned in class for the following:

    • Students in-class work
    • Students recorded performances
    • Student/Teacher Assessments using DHS Rubrics

    Duxbury High School Rubrics:

    • DHS Personal Social and Civic Responsibilities - file
    • DHS Expressive Innovative and Creative - file