• Applying to college can be a very exciting and yet very stressful time.  Guidance Counselor are here to help you in the process.  Counselors will be going into classrooms in September to review the process with students.  Parents are also invited to an informational meeting about the college process on September 26th at 6:30pm.  


    Below is a checklist of everything you need to do and the process by which it all gets submitted.

    1.  Do you have a list of school ready?  If so proceed to step 2.  If not, its ok.  Your first step it is to sign into your naviance account.  

    Naviance log in here

    Naviance log in screen view


    From this account  you can do a college search and begin to build your list of schools.

    2.  Once you have a list ready, set up your common app account (if you have schools using the common app).

    Common App Log In

    Commonapp log in screen

    If you are applying to schools not using the common app, you will need to submit each of those applications according to the individual schools instructions which can be found on their admission page.  You will also need to alert your counselor if any applications that can use common app but that you have decided to send in a different manner (ie via own application process) so that we can ensure that the Guidance materials is sent in a different way.  


    3.  Once you have a list of schools on common app, you will need to match your account in Naviance.  Go to the log in screen and follow the directions below:

    Click on "Colleges I'm applying to"

    Matching account


    Click on "Match"


    Once you complete this, the colleges you have listed on your common app will now be in Naviance and your counselor can view it.  You must complete the FERPA agreement in order to complete the Match process  Information about FERPA can be found below:

    What is FERPA Waiver?


    4.  Be sure to ask 1-2 teachers to write you letters of recommendation.  In order to do this, it is best if you do it in person and give them at least a month notice (meaning you ask them a month before it is due for your first deadline).  Please ask them to upload it onto Naviance so its submission status can be tracked.  If the school requires it to be mailed separately then be sure you provide that information to the teacher.  Counselors will automatically write a letter for every student on their caseload.  Before teachers and counselors write these letters, students must complete the DHS Activity and information sheet on Naviance.

    Go to "about me" on the top and then click on "my surveys"

    about me

    Click on "DHS Activity Sheet"

    Activity survey


    5. Submit "The Green Sheet" to Guidance.  This is the Transcript Request Form and it officially allows us to send your records to the colleges to which you apply.  Submit that with your $10 fee in cash or check made out to DHS to Guidance at least one month prior to your first deadline.  You can always add more schools on another sheet later (no fee).  You can pick one up in Guidance or download here:

    Transcript Request Form


    6.  You are responsible for sending your SAT or ACT scores officially from them directly to your schools.  You must log in to your account at either site and click on send scores.  Be sure to do this with enough time for scores to arrive be posted admission deadline.

    ACT log in

    Collegeboard Log in (SAT's)


    7. Finish your applications and be sure to hit send by the admission deadline!  The most important piece for that deadline is your application.  Be sure you have it all ready to go.