• Kerstin Adami-Barrett
    Duxbury Middle School/Team 6B/ Science
    It's 6th grade science time!                                                 o

    I have an exciting year planned for you.  Our new science curriculum SEPUP, explores science using real world issues and questions.  We refer to it as, "Issue oriented science."

    It begins with a question such as, "What do we need to consider when deciding where we should store nuclear waste?"  How about that!

    Our first unit of study Geological Processes explores that very question. Each activity builds your understanding of our Earth until we have enough knowledge and skill to evaluate different sites, consider each and finally apply all you've learned to make an informed recommendation for nuclear waste storage.  

    Our other units of study, in order are: Body Systems, Forces and Motion, Land, Water and Human Interactions and Cells and Organisms.

    Students will be using an Interactive Notebook which I will refer to as an INB.  We will use this notebook daily.  Please make sure it always makes its way back to school.

     Another routine you can expect is the science vocabulary challenge.  Students will be building their academic vocabulary every 7 days.  The system the students will create to house and study these terms will be good old fashioned notecards. I've provided a binder ring for every student to keep their notecards together.  They will record 4 new terms each 7 day cycle and will be quizzed on these terms every 7 days.  I use this "Vocab Challenge" for many purposes.  The first of which is to highlight the connection between effort and results for students on a regular basis.  Secondly, the words chosen are connected to the unit of study which further deepens their hold on the information being learned in class.  And finally, it’s a challenge. And I find kids love to be challenged. I have plaques hung in the room of former students who have been able to score 100% each week for the entire year. 

    Schoology is where I will be housing class information. If you are in need of activity sheets from a lesson missed then you will find those in the unit folder.  Also you will find a list of the vocabulary challenge terms in a Vocab Challenge folder along with a Quizlet that will be updated weekly. 

    At the end of each unit there will be a unit test.  Students will be given plenty of advance notice and a study guide suggestion form that will teach them how and what to study.  

    Looking forward to another exceptional year.

    Mrs. Adami-Barrett