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    Kerstin Adami-Barrett
    Duxbury Middle School
    Team 6B/ Science

    It's 6th grade science time!                                                 

    Hello students and families, 

    If you are reading this I am assuming you have some skin in the game and are looking to learn a bit about me and about what science is going to look like for you : )

    I'll start with a bit about me.

    For me, a new year and a new batch of students is always something I truly look forward to. The new challenges we will face together, the growth that I get to witness taking place & the relationships that are built are at the foundation of what I love most about my job.

    I have been a teacher in Duxbury going ALL THE WAY back to 2001.  So, I've taught thousands of kids at this point in my career. Personally, I am a mom to 3 rascals, Nora (11), JD (10) & Eli (7). We spend a great deal of time as a family at baseball, softball & soccer fields. We are an outdoor family.  A few random tidbits about me that you mind find interesting are: I love golfing.  I spend probably more time than I should during the summer out on the course with my husband or my own mom & dad.  I enjoy tending to "My Girls" or my chickens (and of course they all have names). I got a PELETON and it is changing my life!  Finally, I love breakfast!!  Nothing quite gets Mrs. Barrett more excited than a tall stack of banana pancakes! YUM!!!

    As for the important stuff...SCIENCE....I've got an exciting year planned for you!  Our day to day science is driven by the SEPUP curriculum.  This Lab-Aids program is designed to allow students to explore science using real world issues and questions.  We refer to it as, "Issue Oriented Science."  It keeps the science real and offers many terrific extension opportunities.

    There are 4 main units and 1 minor unit of study.  We begin our year with Force and Motion.  This hands on, exploratory unit gets students thinking more deeply about the way things move. Sir Isaac Newton's 3 Laws are embedded in all 15 of our Activities. This unit ends with an engaging project that allows students to apply the new understandings they have acquired to a design project. This is a super fun way to wrap up all you have learned.

    Our other main units of study are: Cells to OrganismsGeological ProcessesBody Systems & (minor unit) Land, Water and Human Interactions.  I personally love the biology units.  There is so much to learn about how we and ALL living things are constructed and work.

    Each unit is broken into 15-18 Activities. Activities can be: Labs, Investigations, Readings, Modeling, Design, Problem Solving, Video or Talking It Over.  As I indicated earlier these activities are exploratory.  Readings always support activities that have been experienced first. I find this is the best way to really learn that material.

    Your Lab-Aids textbook is online inside your science Schoology materials page. I have hard copies to use in class but at home you'll use the online textbook portal.  

    Students will be using a COMPOSITION NOTEBOOK all year long. It is a key part of staying organized with all your science learnings, papers and activities. We will use this notebook daily.  As long as you have a glue stick, pencil and comp. book, and an awesome attitude you are pretty well set for science.

    At the end of each unit there will be a unit test.  Students will be given plenty of advance notice and a study guide suggestion form that will show you how and what to study. 6th grade is a big transition year and teaching kids HOW to study is as important as WHAT to study. When students put in effort, they are rewarded on tests with bonus points. This incentive is a great way to build good habits!

    So those are some of the big-ticket items. I hope you found your time here well spent.  

    My ultimate goal, is for every student to leave my class loving SCIENCE and all its possibilities.  In my class I will do my very best to nurture and explore that innate wonder that you all have about this crazy little world that we live in together.  It’s important that we take good care of it and of each other.  

    Let's have an awesome year!!

    Mrs. Barrett. (you can drop the Adami......it's a mouthful : ))