Mrs. Burns 
     DMS/Team 6A/Reading 
    If you don't love reading...you just haven't found the right book yet!

    Reading is one of the most important ways that we are able to connect with the world around us!

    I want to help you strengthen your reading skills and become an even better reader than you already are!


    In Reading class this year, you will have the opportunity to:

    •choose books that YOU want to read from the DMS library

    •read/discuss several novels

    •experience and analyze a wide range of literary genres

    •increase your vocabulary

    •learn research skills

    •compete against yourself in weekly, reading comprehension challenges

    •work both collaboratively and independently on EXCITING projects

    •read more than is required and earn a spot in the 1000 Page Club

    •have FUN and become a better version of yourself!


    I can't wait to meet and get to know you! I love my job and look forward to helping you to have a great year in my class.

    Welcome to Duxbury Middle School!