School Year - 2021 - 2022


    Dear Parents,


         I am so looking forward to meeting your children. Our teaching team includes: Ms. Aldrich, Ms. Hastings (me), Ms. Nissi, and our fabulous instructional assistant Ms. Richardson.  


         Below you will see a link/form titled A Million Words or Less.  The information that you provide using the form is so helpful to me with respect to getting to know your little one.  I do read the forms and refer back to them throughout the year.  When you have a moment, if you could print and complete the form that would be lovely - no rush.  Alternatively, the forms will be available for you to pick up the day of the walk-through.    Generally, I do like to have the forms by the end of September.  


    Please don't worry about the materials that the kids need.  We'll work that out.  


    Thanks and take care,

    Ms. Hastings (Dawn)


    Form A Million Words or Less