• Back to school is one of my favorite times of the year ... new notebooks, pens, pencils, and markers.  Not to mention a fresh start with new teachers, new classes, and new classmates.  Heading back to school can also be stressful especially when you are entering a new school.  There are many unknowns like where is my locker, will I make it to my next class on time, and what is my next class anyway.  
    Not to fear!  The first few days of 6th grade are spent learning how to read your schedule, how to use your agenda and setting up new routines.  The Team 6A Teachers and I will help you color code your schedule, organize your binder, help you find your classes, figure out how to open your locker, and so much more.
    Wednesday, Thursday, and most of Friday will be spent learnign and practicting the new routines.  You will not be having "classes" until last block on Friday.
    Try to "go with the flow" and leave the worrying to us.