• DMS English Summer Reading 2019

    Dear Students,

    Click here for assigned summer reading.

    Note that you are not required to complete a packet.  Simply do a close reading of your chosen text--and enjoy it!  

    While we require that you read only one book in preparation for the new school year, our hope of course is that you will read many books over the summer.  Engaging in habitual, independent reading will improve your academic skills and (more importantly) enrich your life.  Ms. Larissa DuBois, Young Adult Librarian of the Duxbury Free Library, will happily provide you with suggestions.

    Feel free to contact me with any questions.  Meanwhile, enjoy the summer!


    Karen Baynes, Ed.D.

    ELA Supervisor

    Duxbury Public Schools


    (781) 934-7650, ext. 4316