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    Social Studies Department course descriptions can be found here: Program of Studies 

    Social Studies: Advanced Placement Courses

    The information that follows is not meant to dissuade you from enrolling but rather to inform you of the course requirements and expectations in order that you can make an informed decision as to whether or not to select one of these courses.

    Each AP Course offering in the department is a rigorous reading and writing course which culminates in a challenging A.P. Examination, which includes multiple-choice questions and essays. In addition to the regular course work, some of the courses require that students complete a summer reading assignment.

    If you have the academic ability, enjoy reading about the subject matter of the course you choose and you are willing to put forth an honest, sustained effort throughout the entire year, any of these AP courses should prove to be a very rewarding and valuable experience for you!  

    Please review the Advanced Placement section of the Program of Studies booklet before completing an application, which can be found in the Introduction and General Information Section HERE. Consider the commitment you make to an advanced placement course carefully, particularly in light of your other activities and commitments. Do not overload yourself! 


    Grades Admitted


    DUE 3/9/18 

    Summer Work:

    Specific Assignment Details

    Textbook Reading Sample

    Example of a Homework Assignment

    130 AP US History



    Applications are due 3/9/18



    USII Required Book + textbook chapter

    5 pgs of a 44 pg chapter

    10-15 page reading, notes

    140 AP Psychology



    Applications are due 3/9/18


    Two textbook chapters

    5 pgs of a 66 pg chapter

    1-2 module readings, notes

    153 AP World History

    10, 11, 12


    Applications are due 3/9/18


    1 book

    Sample Textbook Reading

    Sample Non-Textbook Reading

    Sample Assignments

    160 AP Government & Politics

    10, 11, 12


    Applications are due 3/9/18


    5 pgs of a 38 pg chapter

    Sample Assignment

    170 AP Economics



    Applications are due 3/9/18 



    5 pgs of a 70 pg chapter

    1-2 module readings, notes

    Internship Opportunities:

    Duxbury High School has partnered with two local historical sites to offer an internship experience to junior and senior students. The Duxbury Rural and Historical Society and the Alden House have worked with students over the past years to provide them with the experience of the work of an historian. Students walk to and from the sites during a scheduled period to engage in historical work consisting of both research and historical investigation, as well as cataloguing and presenting artifacts for the community.  Students must apply for either opportunity, and applications are available below. Throughout this semester experience, students are expected to work productively and professionally. Additionally, students are required to submit a reflection paper at the conclusion of the experience. More information is available in the Program of Studies above. 
    Alden House Application - for more information on this experience, click HERE. 


    Please feel free to email Lew Alberti, Social Studies Curriculum Supervisor, with any questions regarding this information at lalberti@duxbury.k12.ma.us