• General Guidance Office Questions

    • What are the hours of the Guidance Counselors during the summer?
      • Guidance Counselor do not return to work until the week of August 24th.  In August we will post more information about how they will return and what meetings will be allowed under new guidelines.
    • What are the hours of the Guidance Office during the summer and who works during summer hours?
      • The Guidance Office is staffed by Gail Anderson.  Although at this time, she is not physically in the office as visitors are not allowed into the building, she can process requests and receive email and voicemails remotely.  Additionally, the Director of Guidance, Lisa Dembowski, works periodically over the summer.  
    • What can I do in the Guidance Office over the summer?
      • During the summer you can request a transcript, process a withdrawal, request your Naviance log in, obtain a work permit, or procss insurance forms etc,  Please email Gail Anderson and she will be able to assist you in your request.  


    Grades/Transcript Questions

    • How can I access my transcript or report card?
      • Final transcripts for students in grades 9-11 during this past year are available on the aspen portal.  The quarter 4 report card is also available on the portal.  You can print those directly from your account if you need copies of either.   If you need an official transcript sent someplace you will need to complete a Transcript Request Form.  You can email this to Gail Anderson.  Alumni or former students can also complete this form.  During the summer 2020 there will be no charge for these transcripts.  
    • What if you believe you have an incorrect grade on a report card?
      • If you believe a grade was issued incorrectly, please contact the teacher directly.  Teachers do not work over the summer but the Curriculum Supervisors do if it is something that cannot wait until their return in August.  
    • What if you believe your GPA is incorrect?
      • Please be sure you are looking at the correct GPA in the portal.  It is the Weighted GPA - general and the Unweighted GPA-general only.  GPA is only calculated at the end of each year.  It is posted on final transcripts.  The methodology for calculation of the GPA can be found below:

        The cumulative academic weighted Grade Point Average (GPA) is one of several measures used by college admission committees to evaluate a student. For students in grades 9-12, only leveled full year courses are included in the weighted GPA computation. All courses (excluding those that are pass/fail) are included in the unweighted GPA.  Grades earned in summer study or from other institutions are not included in either the weighted or unweighted GPA. GPA is computed at the end of grades nine, ten and eleven. A student’s GPA at the end of grade eleven is used for college applications. In February of senior year a group of students will have their first semester grades (term 1, term 2 and midyear average) are calculated into the GPA for selection of a valedictorian.  GPA is also calculated in February for the purpose of National Honor Society invitations.

        GPA is calculated according to the level of the course and the student’s grade using the point system found in the Program of Studies.  

        The GPA is based on 4.0.  We do not rank.

        If you believe there is an issue with the GPA, you can reach out to your Guidance Counselor or Lisa Dembowski.
    • How do I send a transcript to the NCAA?
      • If you have registered for the NCAA clearninghouse we can upload the transcript automatically.  Please email Gail Anderson to request this to be done.  
    • What if I just graduated and my college says they have not yet received my transcript?
      • Counselors sent all senior (class of 2020) transcripts by Naviance to colleges on June 30th.  If you did not complete your senior exit survey to let us know the college you planned to attend or changed the school choice after please let us know so we can check.  Contact your counselor or Lisa Dembowski with any issues or questions.  


    Post Secondary Planning Questions

    • What is the timeline for applying to college for the Class of 2021?
      • Click here for the timeline and how to get started. We will also post information about any new admissions updates or procedures on the college planning part of our website as we receive them.
    • Will Duxbury be hosting the ACT and SAT this year?
      • As of now our plan is to resume as a SAT and ACT test site with limited capacity in September 2020.  No summer SAT or ACT will be offered at Duxbury High School.  We will post more information about restrictions and guidelines as we receive them.  If you were registered for the August SAT in Duxbury, Collegeboard will be contacting you about rescheduling or changing your site.  


     Scheduling Questions

    • When will we receive schedules for 2020-2021?
      • Schedules are planning to be released in early August.  At this time we do not know what the return to school will look like so we are unable to fully complete the schedule.  Any updates will be posted.  Students have chosen courses and will be placed into those and conflicts resolved as soon as we have a schedule.  
    • What if I want to change a course that I requested in the spring?
      • Please email your Guidance Counselor and they will address the change in August.  This year there will be additioal flexibiity in course changes due to the interuption of school in spring 2020.