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  • You may be aware that the district has hired  Just Training Solutions, LLC to assist them in conducting a full investigation of the allegations made against the DHS football program. The firm is open to hearing from any parent or resident who believes they have information relevant to the investigation. Please feel free to contact Mr. Edward Mitnick directly at

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  • Safety at Student Drop Off and Pick Up
    In order to ensure all students who do not take the bus are safely dropped off and picked up from school, please review the following information regarding our procedures this year. 

    Arriving to School
    • Please enter campus from Alden Street by the library and drive SLOWLY around the building until you approach DMS. 
    • This year, students may be dropped off along the entire distance from the cafeteria patio to the courtyard along the back side of the building. As long as your vehicle is pulled immediately next to a sidewalk area (on the driver's side of your car) of the DMS end of the building, you may drop your child off and allow them to walk to the entrance to avoid congestion. 
    • As much as possible, please have students exit the back seat driver's side of your vehicle.
    • No students may be dropped off in ANY staff parking lot. 
    • Students may enter the building starting at 7:50am. If they arrive earlier than 7:50, they should remain outside on the sidewalk or grassy areas around the entrance and wear their mask until doors open.
    Departing School
    • Drivers should enter campus at the Alden Street entrance and travel SLOWLY around campus as you approach the DMS patio.
    • Students will be dismissed from the building by floor starting with the first floor (primarily 6th grade students). 
    • Drivers should queue up along the DMS side of the building starting at the corner, with the sidewalk along the driver's side of the car. 
    • Students will be encouraged to walk from the DMS entrance to your car, where you will be able to depart. 
    • No students may be picked up in ANY staff parking lot. 
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  • Dismissing Students Early/ Dropping Off Items
    This year, we have to limit outside visitors from entering our building, which means we will not be having adults enter the building for any early dismissals or to drop off any forgotten items. We will using the following protocols this year for these situations. 

    Dismissals (Early/ Unexpected/ Nurse):
    • Early Dismissals- Students must have written permission from their parent or guardian to be dismissed. This permission must include the date, time of dismissal and reason for the dismissal.
      • Unexpected Dismissals – Please call ahead to the DMS main office at 781-934-7640 to let us know your student is being dismissed and follow the above protocol. (We would prefer not to interrupt their classes).
    • Adults will drive to the DMS side of the building and will need to get out of their car and press the “buzzer” located to the left of the doors on the brick wall. Please note there is no parking near the DMS entrance for visitors. All parking in this lot is for staff members. The DMS office staff will bring your student to the door where a parent/guardian will be able to sign the student out for dismissal.
    • The student will show the note to the office and his/her classroom teacher at the time of dismissal and come to the main office where the office staff will walk the student to the DMS doors to collect a parent signature 
    • Nurse Dismissals – will be managed by our DMS Nurse, Karen Doyle, and will occur at Door # 11 (this door is located on the side of the building). 
    All adults will need to present a valid driver’s license or form of I.D. that they will need to show an office staff member before the student will be allowed to be dismissed with them. 
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  • Dropping Off Forgotten Items
    Family members will not be permitted in the building to drop off any forgotten items. Any forgotten item that must be dropped off should follow the below protocol. 
    • Adults will drive to the DMS side of the building and will need to get out of their car and press the “buzzer” located to the left of the doors on the brick wall. Please note there is no parking near the DMS entrance for visitors. All parking in this lot is for staff members. The DMS office staff will come out and grab item. Please be sure it is labeled with the student's name
    • Please note that we do not expect parents/guardians to drop off items forgotten by students. In the effort to support a student's growth in independence in preparing for their school day, we encourage parents/ guardians to avoid dropping off forgotten items. A student who forgets their lunch will always be provided one if needed. 
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  • A Message from the Principal: 


    Dear Students and Parents/ Guardians, 

    With just a few weeks left in the year, please find some relevant updates from our most recent newsletters. 

    DESE Close Contact Designation Update
    Over the vacation, the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, in conjunction with Governor Baker's Medical Advisory Board, made an update to the procedures for designating close contacts of a positive COVID-19 case in two specific scenarios. As you know, the designation of a close contact has been defined as anyone within 6 feet of a positive case for a cumulative 15 minutes of a 24 hour period. In two specific scenarios, this has been updated based on data from around the Commonwealth on spread in schools. Moving forward, in a classroom, or on the bus, if all parties are masked during exposure, a close contact will now be defined as anyone within 3' of a positive case for a cumulative 15 minutes of a 24 hour period.  We will be contact tracing any future positive cases in our building following this guideline, which is likely to greatly reduce our identification of close contacts for any positive case because our desks are at least 3' apart in classrooms, and students are masked throughout class. To be clear, outside the classroom and bus scenario, the close contact definition remains 6' and any of our situations outside the classroom will continue to follow that standard (extra curricular activities, lunch, sports).  DESE's updated guidance can be found explained in more detail here. 

    Remote Access Reminders From April 5
    When students returned at DMS to full in person learning on April 5, we updated our remote access scenarios for students. I want to remind families that they should reach out to Mrs. Doyle, Mrs. Coyne, or me should your child test positive for COVID-19, be identified as a close contact of a positive case, or be symptomatic and awaiting test results for COVID-19 in order to have remote access to classes. We'll ask that you complete the absence reporting form as well (linked below) and are alerting teachers to expect students online in these scenarios. This shift in remote access is because the predominance of our students are in person. We appreciate your understanding of these expectations. If you child does not fit into one of these categories, they should use the absence guidelines in our student handbook, linked here for your review. 

    Attire for the Weather

    Please remember we will be outside as frequently as possible, so encourage your child to dress appropriately for the weather. 

    For the remainder of the year, lunch is being provided to students free of charge. The menu can be found here.

    Students who Bike
    Students who bike to and from school should be sure to walk their bike while they are near the DMS entrance. When there is a lot of congestion at drop off and pick up, students should refrain from riding their bike through people as it could cause an accident. Additionally, students need to wait for traffic to stop to cross in any fashion and generally should not be crossing staff lots. Parents traveling through our traffic lanes to drop off or pick up students- please travel slowly in high traffic times to ensure a safe environment around our campus. Thank you!


    Sarah McGuire
    Duxbury Middle School

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