• Ms. Hastings-Ely (Room 233)
     Email - dely@duxbury.k12.ma.us
    Grade 3 Classroom
    2019 - 2020 School Year
    Have a fun summer!  
    July fun in the night sky:
    Check out the lunar eclipse on the 4th and the 5th - better than fireworks.  
    ruf vs rho
    Our Bee...Drago
    Adoption Certificate
    Honey Bee Stuffed Bee
     With our favorite author, Brian Lies.
    Hastings Nissi Lies
     Visiting our favorite dragon!
    Group 1 Group 2
  • Fun Fact: Research has revealed that reading out loud to your pet makes you a better reader.  Guess what?  Pets love to be read to.  Reading to your pet makes you a better reader and creates an even stronger bond between you and your pet.  Try it and you'll love it.