• me and Skye
                                                              Fall For Alden Art 
    Welcome to our first student exhibition in The Alden Gallery! The display consists of grade 4 scratch board art . The pieces were created to provide students with the opportunity to explore line as texture. A variety of line, a balanced composition, and a means to personalize their expressions were goals. I think you will agree the work is "Spooktacular!" I am presently working on uploading grades 3 and 5 art work onto Artsonia. This will be exciting to share with families! As always we  plan to offer every avenue  for the Alden art students to create. Every child is an artist ! Art is all around us! We become the artist when we can find it and capture it for others to enjoy! Here's to a fabulous fall!
    Ms. Klein
    Nari Ward Mural