When pulling up in the morning please drive up as far as you can to the student drop off sign.  Do NOT pass other cars as this a very dangerous for our students.  Thank You
We have a large lost and found in the cafeteria.  Please stop by to pick up any forgotten items.

NATURE'S CLASSROOM - Please pick up any unused medications or empty containers from your student's trip. All medications and containers will be disposed of after November 15th, unless you have made other arrangements with Mrs. Doyle. Thank you for your attention to this notice.


School Calendar Changes:  Nov. 4th (Election Day) there will be no school for students, teachers will have a professional development day. 

Thursday, November 6, originally scheduled for early dismissal, will now be a full day.
Students’ last day will be Tuesday, June 16.
Teachers’ last day will remain Wednesday, June 17.
During the school day, the only entrance 
available to the public will be the
High School entrance.
All other doors will be locked during 
the school day
(including the Middle School entrance)
Parking: All visitor parking is located in the
parking lot near the old middle school gym.
The new parking lot in front of the new middle school building is for staff only

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