8th Grade Promotion is set for June 17th from 6:30 - 10pm 
Monday – May 5 – 7th Grade Math1
Wednesday – May 7 – 7th Grade Math 2
Thursday – May 8 – 6th Grade Math 1
Friday – May 9 – 6th Grade Math 2
Monday – May 12 – Makeups
Tuesday - May 13 – 8th Grade Math 1
Wednesday – May 14 – 8th Grade Math 2
Thursday – May 8 – 8th  Grade Science 1
Friday – May 9 – 8th Grade Science 2
Monday – May 19 – Make Ups
Tuesday – May 20 – Make Ups  

MCAS Math Review Session 3/1 to 5/1 at 2:45 -3:45

DMS will be offering grade level specific MCAS Math review sessions Tuesday and Thursday from 2:45 - 3:45.  All students are welcome to attend.  The following faculty will be conducting the review sessions:
      8th grade - Mrs. Sciretta
      7th grade - Mrs. Bennett
      6th grade - Mr. D'Andrea
      8th grade - Mr. Lynch
      7th grade - Mrs. Geary
      6th grade - Mr. D'Andrea 
Parents And Caregivers A Note About Dismissals And Dropping Items Off
Please help us get your student's day off to a successful start by ensuring they are in homeroom by 8:15 and prepared with their necessary items for their school day (agendas, gym clothes, instruments, books, etc).  We understand appointments come up unexpectedly, otherwise please send a note with your child for dismissal.  Help us create an environment conducive to learning by limiting interruptions to our classrooms during the school day.   
DMS Drop off and Pick Up Concerns
The drive/road in front of Alden and DMS is for busses and faculty ONLY, it is not a parent drop off or pick up zone at any time.  All drop offs and pick ups must happen via St. George Street.
If you are dropping your child off at the pool or Student Union please remind and encourage them to use the cross walk by the Student Union to get to the DMS sidewalk.  Students crossing through our parking lot and in-between the busses are creating a dangerous environment.




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